Homeopathy is a form of medicine that has been used worldwide for over 200 years. It is a gentle, holistic system of healing which is suitable for everyone, young and old. Homeopathy focuses on you as an individual, concentrating on treating your specific physical and emotional symptoms.

How does it work?

Homeopathy takes a wider view of disease, looking at the underlying cause and how the individual experiences it. The homeopathic medicine, called a "remedy", gently stimulates the body"s own self-healing abilities.

The aim is to use the smallest amount of medicine and the fewest repetitions. A single remedy is usually all that is needed to prescribe at each consultation.

By treating the whole person physically, mentally and emotionally, Homeopathy addresses the deep-seated causes of disease not just the physical symptoms.

Is it a complementary therapy?

Homeopathy can be safely used alongside most conventional medicines(1). It was Samuel Hahnemann, a brilliant doctor working in 1796 who developed the scientific and philosophical foundations of this gentler way of healing. These scientific principles form the basis of successful homeopathic practice today. It is also used regularly by the Royal family.

In 2000, the House of Lords" Select Committee on Science & Technology cited Homeopathy as one of the five Group One therapies, having "an individual diagnostic approach" along with osteopathy, chiropractic, herbal medicine and acupuncture.

Who can benefit?

Homeopathy is well suited to the treatment of many conditions. Some examples are:


Seeing your GP

I recommend that you should maintain your relationship with your GP. Your GP will be able to arrange any tests that you may need. Homeopathy has a different philosophy, but by working in this way with your GP, the two systems of health care can provide a complementary service. Remedies will work alongside medically prescribed medicines.

Homeopathic remedies

Homeopathic remedies are unique by being drawn from the plant, mineral and animal worlds. They work by gently boosting the natural energy of the body and are safe, even for children, pregnant and sensitive patients. There is no danger of addiction or toxicity.

Healing begins from within your body, strengthening your health and immune system, without any danger of damaging side effects.(2)


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