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Gary Perry, Homeopath

Gary Perry

I am a qualified and registered homeopath based in Kent and practicing in and around Ashford and also in Tunbridge Wells.

Treating the individual

I work holistically, which means focusing on You, the individual, to treat your unique and specific emotional/physical symptoms and their root cause. Therefore, it is you that is treated, rather than just a labelled disease or condition. Improvement is experienced on many levels, rather than exclusively with the presenting complaint and symptoms.

Why homeopathy?

Homeopathy is often used as a safe choice for a growing number of people who have tried conventional medicine and have not found a cure to their problem. It is suitable for babies, children, men and women, young and old. It works with the body's inherent healing powers to balance and gently bring long-lasting benefits to your health.

I have successfully worked with people that have come to me with a wide range of deep-seated physical and psychological conditions. This includes:

Also many acute conditions such as colds, coughs, earaches, food poisoning, shock, minor burns, strains and bruises!

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